Art classes for your mind, body & soul.

McGroarty Arts Center proudly offers quality, affordable arts education for people of all ages.  Our historic facility is located in Tujunga-Sunland and has been proudly serving the Foothill communities for over 30 years.

Now enrolling for fall session. 

New Class Offerings:


Chair Yoga

About this course: This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. Getting down on the floor, standing on your head, or twisting into a pretzel are not requirements to experience the benefits of yoga.  Rosalie will share gentle, painless stretching and breathing yoga techniques.  

Contemporary Native American Beading

About this course:  This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. If you have ever been intrigued by Native American art work made with traditional seed beads, here is the class for you. Join us and learn to sew the contemporary way using paper patterns on felt with seed beads provided in an array of colors. "Best In Show" artist at the Autry American Arts Market Place, Corey Stein will teach you how. We will all leave with a finished piece meant to be worn.  

Drawing Fundamentals

About this course: This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. Learn the fundamentals not only of how to draw things, but how to compose a picture. Create depth and form with perspective, contour lines, and shading. Try wet and dry mediums. Create sketches ready to translate into paintings.  Next session Mixed Media.

Etching and Repousse

About this course:  This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. Create a raised, 3 dimensional metal piece using an ancient metal working technique. Raised designs are created by hammering with steel tools. Saba has been working with metal for more than 15 years and can help you bring your design to life.

Stained Glass 

About this course:  This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. Have you ever wanted to learn how to do stained glass? Or do you want to improve your existing skills in a fun, encouraging atmosphere? Join our fun Stained Glass class and take your skills to a new level. You'll learn not only from our two expert instructors, but also from fellow students, as you see them build their projects over time.  Joyce and Earl have been in business for over 40 years.  They have owned several stained glass stores since 1984, and have ample supplies available for supplying our students’ needs.


Upcoming Events & Workshops


Our 14th Annual Chili Bowl Fest and Holiday Arts & Crafts Faire

will be on December 3rd & 4th!  


14th Annual
Chili Bowl Fest
Holiday Art & Craft Faire

Yes! It’s that time of year again to prepare for our 14th Annual Chili Bowl Fest and Holiday Art & Craft Faire.  As you may have noticed, we have changed the name this year from “Holiday Boutique.” We feel this name better describes our event, especially to people who may never have attended before.  We are happy to announce we are expanding this year’s event!

Saturday, Dec 3rd - We are hosting our Chili Bowl Fest and Holiday Art & Craft Faire. We will sell homemade chili in our wonderful handmade bowls. In addition, we are adding craft beer, live music, tables to eat at and 18 new art and craft vendors to our upper parking lot for a total of 36 vendors in all.
Sunday, Dec. 4th - This will be more of a family and kids’ holiday event.  We are partnering again with the Rotary Club who will be preparing and serving stews and soups to fill our handmade chili bowls. In addition, we will have a live Santa to take pictures with, Christmas carolers, Christmas music, cookie painting for the kids and more! We will also have bountiful shopping opportunities provided by all of our art and craft vendors.

We are expanding our advertising this year to bring in new attendees, especially from our local communitties. Over the last two years we’ve had 1000 to 1800 visitors attend.  This is an Art & Craft Faire so we are looking for vendors who sell handmade items. If you would like to be a vendor this year, please fill out the Vendor Application and submit it to our office by the deadline of Nov. 3, 2016. Please read our FAQs on our website for more details about our event and the process of becoming a vendor. 

Thank you for all your continuing support for McGroarty Arts Center!

NOTE:  The link to the PDF vendor application form below can be filled out on your computer if you have the current version of Adobe Reader (and you can download that software for free!).  Once opened, click the "Fill and Sign" tab at the top of your screen, a drop down menu will appear,  then click "Add Text."  You can then move your cursor to the line you wish to type on and begin filling it out.   Remember to "Save As" and change the file name to "Your Name Vendor App."  Now it is ready to be sent as an attachment to your email to McGroarty, along with your photos.  Be sure to read the FAQ for more detailed information about applying.

14th Chili Bowl Vendor Application

14th Chili Bowl FAQ